I am finally going to start writing up our game nights as blog posts and as I have forgotten the keys to my office this morning (meaning I am sat on the stairs waiting for my business partner to arrive) it seemed an opportune time to start!

Last night was our tenth gaming night of the year. We have picked up some great new members in the past few weeks and this is helping keep the ball rolling. We are even starting to organise special nights for specific games – last weekend was a Firefly and Terry Pratchett Memorial Game day for instance!

The one challenge with an expanded group is trying to organise, at least loosely, what games we play. We have started to list some randomly selected titles from our collective list to help generate some plays of games that might otherwise go unplayed, but each week there is always a couple of folks bringing along some new stuff.

Last night Gary brought along his new copy of Five Tribes by Days of Wonder and I had a bag bursting with some regular fillers and the week’s voted games. Namely Legendary Encounters (the Alien deck building game) and Betrayal At House On The Hill.

However, there were six of us at the start, so we sat down with an old faithful, King of Tokyo! Our previous play of this was easily our longest ever, close to an hour. This one really pushed it and it was about 45 minutes. Sorry to Pete, who had to wait most of that time, but after a couple of rounds of heavy hitting everyone went defensive! Eventually Andy won out with a victory point win.

King of Tokyo
King of Tokyo

After this we split into two groups – Gary, Murray and Pete headed off for a round of Five Tribes while Mark, Dave and myself took another crack at Legendary Encounters. We’d played it twice before in the group and I have played outside the group nights as well… we’ve never won. For those who don’t know, the game is a cooperative deck building game where players are characters attempting to survive the xenomorph onslaught. You play through the four main movies of the Alien franchise and each scenario has three separate goals. Last night we made our fifth attempt at playing through the Alien scenario. Without wishing to bore everyone with the details, we actually found it quite easy in the end, though this is partially down to player count and partially down to the house rule of recruiting for two rounds before aliens start appearing! Either way, it’s a victory and our first in five attempts. The next time we play we will be having a crack at playing through the Aliens scenario!

As luck would have it we finished at roughly the same time as the Five Tribes gang did, so we reformed and chose Betrayal At House On The Hill next. This is a game of exploration and horror survival. Players are characters exploring said house… as you enter doorways you turn over randomly drawn room tiles. On these tiles might be omens, items or events. The omens in particular are the ones you want to watch out for, as each time one of these is drawn the player who drew it has to conduct a ‘haunt roll’, which means rolling six dice – if the total number of pips on the dice is less than the total number of omens that have been drawn The Haunt starts. That’s where one player ends up as a traitor or a monster and the rest become survivors, attempting to either kill the monster or escape the house. There are 50 different scenarios in the game and these are decided by the omen and room combination. Last night we ended up fighting the Burning Man, who was racing around trying to kill us. Thankfully, we managed to trap him in the burning house and flee!

Pete attempting to escape the webs

That was it for Gaming Night #10 – a modest game total, but a thoroughly enjoyable one!

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