A few years ago myself and a group of friends used to create CDs based on a given theme, in a kind of old school mix tape type way. We’d decide on a theme (a popular one was chillout, for example) and we’d each go away and create a playlist and create a CD, including artwork, to share with the group.

These days the way you listen to and share music has changed dramatically. No longer do you go to HMV (unfortunately for them) and buy CDs, we download them from iTunes or Amazon… or we don’t buy them at all, we just stream them from services like Spotify, Last.fm or Grooveshark (amongst a great many others).

However, this means we also have the opportunity to create playlists like never before. No longer are we limited to the music we have in our personal collections, we can access pretty much any piece of music ever made on one of the various available services. As such, I created the CD2.0 group on Facebook and invited in my friends to reignite our love of playlist creation.

Our first theme was Felix Baumgartner. He’d just completed his historic balloon flight and freefall record, so it was a very topical choice… and because it was quite ambiguous it gave us an opportunity to define the topic however we wanted.

We gave ourselves the deadline of 28 February 2013 to complete the playlists, make some artwork and share it with the group. So far we’ve had five submissions… mine is called “I’m Going Home Now” and you can listen for yourself on this Youtube playlist.

I'm Going Home Now
I’m Going Home Now – click on the image to view larger version

My original playlist was formed on Grooveshark, but within a week of publishing the playlist two or three of the tracks had disappeared from their servers. I’ve looked at a range of other possible choices, but one thing was absolutely clear… there’s no one single site that holds all the tracks you may want, which will be a challenge for future playlists.

There is one service I need to try. Built (in part) by Syd Lawrence, it searches over 35 music streaming sources to locate the track you’re searching for and allows you to select which service you use to play it. The downloadable app allows you to create playlists as well. However, I’ve never managed to get it to work through our work firewall… and by the time I get home I always forget to download it! In fact, I’m going to try and make myself do that as soon as I go home tonight. No more excuses!

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy I’m Going Home Now!

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