This past week has seen two of the Kickstarter projects I backed successfully fund. Manifest, which I posted about a week or so ago, went past its modest target of $27,000NZD (about £14,000) with more than two days to spare – it is now heading towards its last two stretch goals and I think it’ll get there. I’m delighted, as the game looks just the kind of thing my friends and I enjoy playing. Find out more about Manifest.

The second project, and one I joined up to late in its run, was The Dash – Wireless Smart In ear Headphones. These promise to be the world’s first set of smart in-ear headphones that will connect to smart phones via Bluetooth as well as operate independently, with 4GB of on-board flash storage for up to 1000 songs or so!

The entry price for these bad boys was quite high… and the early bird pledges were more than used up by the time I discovered the project. At $199 per set they aren’t cheap. However, my wife successfully convinced me after I showed them to her. Her opinion was that I use my headphones every day so why not spend the money and get a really nice set that do a whole lot of cool stuff? I added the last bit, but she was right about the fact I use them every day. And quite honestly, having wireless headphones would be a glorious bit of first world problem solving!

Bragi - listen. track. communicate

Just for a quick summary, so you don’t have to go check for yourselves, the Dash headphones deliver:

  • motion and fitness tracking
  • Bluetooth playback via connected mobile phone
  • wireless Bluetooth headset functionality (ear bone microphone included for full hands-free communication)
  • touch sensitive controls
  • goal tracking and body vital monitoring
  • waterproof (for swimming and crappy weather)

There’s probably more that I’ve forgotten, but that’s a quick rundown of the main points at least. For what is basically about £150 I think that’s pretty damn cool. The good news also was that I managed to bag a November 2014 delivery slot after someone pulled out of their pledge early. Before that I was looking at waiting until 2015, so that’s a bonus too!

I now have no other Kickstarter projects backed that are still underway ( at least not once Manifest has completed in the next couple of days). Time to go find something else exciting to watch!

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