It’s been nearly a year since my last Kickstarter update… I didn’t bother backing the Engraved business card project in the end, by the way. However, I have backed quite a few others! Here’s a quick rundown of the ones I’ve backed since… and a couple more posts will be written to highlight ones I think are particularly good, or ones that need a bit of a boost!

Anyway… here they are in descending chronological order:

The Book

This was a bit of a charity pledge more than one I wanted to make. The project is the author’s first one and while I can’t fault his enthusiasm for using Kickstarter, there are a number of things that would have significantly improved his chances of making his target. As it is, it DID fund (just) and so I am £10 worse off!

The Book is… well… a book. The author is a former colleague of mine at DCC, though not one I knew personally. A friend told me about his project and as he is a friend of a friend and it’s also an Exeter based project I decided to back it. What the Book is about is a bit of a mystery and I think that is deliberate. However, that was also one of the main problems with the project. I think he could have kept the secrets while tantalising potential funders a bit more… there are a lack of backer levels available other than £10 for the book or £50 for the book and naming a character in the sequel. I would have liked to have seen a £1 pledge for those just wanting to make a gesture and maybe a £5 pledge for those wanting an ebook rather than the hardback. I know I’d have gone down that route rather than the printed copy, purely cos I just don’t read hard copy books any more!

I think he could also have done with some examples of artwork or printing style, so we could actually see something of the final product. Perhaps this would have been enhanced with some stretch goals. I’m sure the printers would have had options for fancier covers, higher quality paper etc. This would have been quite easy to add in as stretch goals and would have further enhanced the project’s funding potential.

Either way, it did fund and later in the year I’ll be receiving a copy of The Book! A review will be posted after I’ve had a chance to read it.


Another game, this time pirate themed. This project was previously on Kickstarter and was just about to make its target when the makers, Ensignia Games, decided to pull the project. Turns out they had some great ideas for stretch goals and they weren’t going to get there… and they REALLY wanted to make the game as good as they could. So they pulled it and relaunched a few months later, this time much better planned out and with loads of great extras.

They were after $35k and made $70k. It’s due for delivery in May 2014, but I imagine this might be pushed back a month or so, if other projects are anything to go by!

Hummingbird Corkscrew

A funky new corkscrew design, that I intended on buying as a Christmas present. However, it was substantially delayed and so I may well keep it for myself now. Or I will, when it finally arrives!

Sacco – first coin sack on Kickstarter

Just what it says… a leather coin sack. Think of those medieval or fantasy films where characters keep their coins in little sacks. That. Basically. It cost £9 and complements my minimalist wallet nicely, that’s all!


404: Law Not Found

Another game (you’ll notice a trend soon). This time a UK based project from the same company that brought me one of my earliest pledges, Prime Wars. This time a ‘proper’ boardgame where players take the role of a robot with its instructions all screwed up onboard a spaceship. You are given a set of win conditions and each player attempts to achieve these hidden agenda type conditions in order to win the game… while attempting to prevent the others from achieving theirs.

I was drawn in, again, by the low price point… if I saw this game on the site now, having seen a number of other boardgames come and go, I’d be a bit less likely to back it. However, I did… the money is gone and now I just wait for delivery… which is due in May of this year. Hopefully it’s a goodun.

Something Different

A card game with a difference. It plays a bit more like a party game than a traditional card game. Kind of a mix of Uno and Dare. It’s not a game that will see regular play with my friends, in honesty, but it may well do with family and friends with kids… it’s that kind of light-hearted affair.

They wanted only $4k to successfully fund and received over $58k from 3,251 backers. Part of that was down to the very cheap entry price of just $20 delivered to the UK… and one of the stretch goals was to double the number of games received, so all of us received two copies instead of just one!

Relic Expedition: A Jungle Adventure Game

Relic Expedition

The first of the boardgames I backed to have arrived. The game mechanics made me think of a mix of Carcassonne and Lost Valley of the Dinosaurs – basically a modular map with a treasure hunt and some animals destined to ruin your best laid plans.

The project was aiming for $25k and received over $40k in pledges. It reached a number of stretch goals as a result and Foxtrot Games were very generous in their levels and the quality of the finish of the game.

We’ve played it a couple of times so far and it’s a lot of fun. Pretty easy to pick up and fun to play. One of my favourite projects so far!

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