This is a new project on Kickstarter from New Zealand. It’s particularly of interest to those of you who enjoy games like Ticket To Ride, at least it looks like it to me!

Each player takes the role of a shipping company. As that company you pick up contracts, in the form of goods or passengers, and shipping them to their destinations around the world. There are also hazards en route, such as piracy or storms, that mean you’ll lose crew or cargo… and all the while other players are looking to get there ahead of you and may resort to skullduggery to do so!

The art style is really nice, the components look well made and the game plays in about an hour, supporting up to 5 players. I genuinely think this game could be right up there with the mighty Ticket To Ride, so this is the ideal project to back if that’s your kind of game.

They currently have 21 days left in the project and stand at just shy of $9k NZD. However, they need $27k NZD in order to successfully fund. In order to get a copy of the game the pledge level is $70NZD, which works out to around £35. Not bad for a high quality and highly promising game!

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