My friend and former colleague, Russ, asked if I fancied going on a photo trip with him someplace and somewhen. As luck would have it, Megan had bought a voucher for Dartmoor Zoo not long before. Knowing that Russ is partial to Dartmoor Zoo, we agreed to head there… despite the foul post-Xmas weather! As it turned out, despite being a bit rainy on and off during the day, it was largely fine and sunny.

Dartmoor Zoo isn’t that big, but it is known for inspiring the story of the Matt Damon movie, We Bought A Zoo. It’s not as big as Paignton Zoo, but has its own unique collection and setting. It’s popular for big cat lovers, featuring lions, tigers, cheetahs and panthers. The cat enclosures are open, protected by deep moats and walls without fences along at least one edge, meaning you get unobstructed views of the cats, which is quite unique.

We were lucky on the day to get some personal attention from George, one of the keepers. He showed us around the zoo, explained the stories behind each of the cats and gave us an insight into how the zoo runs, how it forms partnerships around the world, forms its collections and more. A really fascinating and interesting day.

Anyway… here’s some samples from the day’s efforts:

Amur Tiger at Dartmoor Zoo

Amur Tiger


Josie the Lion at Dartmoor Zoo

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