Rob and Gemma at R&G Barbershop, the newest and coolest barbershop in Crediton (if not Devon) kindly allowed Simon and I to conduct a photo shoot in their shop yesterday. R&G offer a high quality cut with some proper old (and new) school skills… but also a classic open blade razor shaving service. Having had a couple of those shaves already I can say it’s my equivalent of a massage. Megan might prefer a full body experience at Magdalen Chapter, but give me an open blade shave with hot towels and all the trimmings from Gemma at R&G!

It was a great experience to spend some more time with this great pair, seeing them work and getting some practice in this style of photography. I learned quite a lot from doing this… in particular that if we want to do a deliberate shoot of this type again we need to make sure we have people there for modelling only, not actual customers! It was very difficult keeping out of Rob and Gemma’s way while trying to get some good shots. We could be a lot more prescriptive if we had a couple of people lined up on purpose. However, that’s for another day… in the meantime, here are a handful of favourites. See the full set on my Flickr photostream.

Open blade razors

R&G Barbershop

Rob at work

Gemma conducting a shave

Rob at work

Gemma starting a shave

Gemma and Rob

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